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1 Introduction

This Mail Server Information article provides basic server information for our various internet access customer email domains. Most of these domains are for backward compatibility with customers who were transitioned from a provider that was acquired.

18px-Bulbgraph.png NOTE: Don't forget that you can contact Watch Communications Support! Telephone support is provided during normal business hours:
8am to 7pm - Monday thru Friday, 9am to 1pm - Saturday

  • Toll-Free: 866-586-1518
  • E-Mail: support@watchcomm.net

2 Internet Access Customer Email Domain Names

The information on this page applies to email which uses the following domain names.

  • bbnwireless.com
  • ccwire.net
  • cueconnex.com
  • fpnmail.com
  • mybci.net
  • myomnicity.com
  • mypcpro.biz
  • ndwave.com
  • northcc.net
  • omnicityinternet.net
  • omnicityusa.com
  • rushdsl.com
  • rushdsl.net
  • tusco.net
  • usppp.com
  • valkyrie.net
  • velocity-wireless.net
  • wifi7.com

3 Common Settings

  • None of our email accounts require SSL (Although it is usable on all domains).
  • Outlook 2010 does not require outgoing authentication.
  • Outlook should have "Secure Password Authentication" NOT checked.

4 Webmail Access

To access your email from anywhere, simply login to Webmail! With Webmail you can access all your messages, contacts and spam settings. Don't forget to bookmark the Webmail site!

   Webmail URL: http://mail.bbnwireless.com

Webmail is an advanced way to read and send your email from any computer. There is no need to use a program like Windows Mail. You can use Webmail exclusively without a program on your computer. By using Webmail and not a program on your computer, technical support will also better be able to assist you when you have a problem or question.

5 IMAP/POP3 access

Your email account is enabled with IMAP/POP3 access. Using a mail-client such as Outlook, Thunderbird or Apple Mail you can access your account using the settings below.

   Account: Your full email address
   POP3 or IMAP Server address: mail.bbnwireless.com
   Supports POP3 on port 110 or Secure-POP3 on ports 110 (TLS) and 990 (SSL).
   Supports IMAP on port 143 or Secure-IMAP on ports 143 (TLS) and 993 (SSL).

Note: When asked for your username, use your full email address. For example: exampleuser@bbnwireless.com

6 Outgoing SMTP

Our SMTP servers require authentication. Please note that we do not support "Secure Password Authentication."

   Account: Your full email address
   SMTP Server address: smtp.bbnwireless.com
   Supports SMTP on ports 25 or 587 and Secure-SMTP on ports 587 (TLS) and 465 (SSL).

NOTE: When asked for your username, use your full email address. For example: exampleuser@bbnwireless.com

7 Mobile Access

You can use your iPhone, Windows Mobile or other mobile device to access your email. IMAP and POP3 are supported and you can reference the details above to configure your device.